Henna Hair Color

With endless research and experiments, Henna, Herbs & Things have produced herbal henna based products which provides complete nourishment to hair and also assists in growing of new hair as well. They cure various hair ailments and are also becoming a fashion staple. As a reputed name in the industry, we manufacture and export henna made products to several international markets. Our wide range encompasses Black Henna, Natural Black Henna, Brown Henna, Natural Brown Henna, Chestnut Henna, Red Henna, Yellow Henna, Amla Oil, Henna Shampoo, 100% Natural Hair Colors and Neutral Henna. We have over 85 years of experience in this field and therefore, we are best equipped to meet our customer’s requirements. The reason for our unparalleled success is our commitment to customer satisfaction, consistency & excellence. We have built a formidable repute amidst its clients based across the globe. To ensure uninterrupted supplies, irrespective of the ordered quantity, our company has strengthened itself with extensive resources.